Well, I’m still plugging away on my socks. The ribbing is so slow for me, but I’ll get them done and get them posted. I need to start on preemie hats for Teeny Tiny Treasures…I have 100 hats to make, and a towel topper to do….so little time.

I took this quiz on what kind of flower am I. I was at http://sandis-creations.blogspot.com/ and she had it on her blog. Here are the results:

You are a Carnation:
You are friendly, energetic, cheerful, and bubbly.
You love being around people. Outgoing and
talkative, you rarely meet a stranger. Others
feel at ease around you because of your
playful nature.
Symbolism: In Victorian times carnations were given
to show fascination with another. They also
symbolize friendship and whimsicalness.

Which Flower are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

We should have a litter of hollands either today or tomorrow and this weekend I will be going to a show in Kennewick, WA. I am taking a couple of our Juniors. I will post their results probably on Sunday. I hope they do well.

I also hope to post a picture of Noah’s socks some time this week. Until later…


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