Bags, Bags Bags

I been making bags, and felting bags which I am totally addicted to. Lynn Markman of Markman Farms ( is having a Spring pattern contest and I have been trying to come up with patterns for that in the last couple of weeks. If you belong to the group check out the folder. I have come up with a woven bottom mesh bag and am working on a felted gift bag.
which is almost ready to be felted. I will try and post a picture of it if I can remember.

I will try and get pictures of the other bags I have felted and their results. One cell phone case (lt. blue posted earlier) didn’t felt at all, it GREW!! I know not to use that yarn again even though it said it was 100% wool. I made another cell phone holder that I can put on my belt and my very first felting project ever is a tote that didn’t quite felt the way I wanted it. I’ll post pictures hopefully tonight or tomorrow.

I ordered the new Wonderloom from Decor Accents, Inc. two weeks ago and am trying patiently to wait for it to come. I am looking forward to using a small gauge loom…I have so many ideas floating around in my head I would like to make them a reality one of these days before I forget. (getting older really stinks!)

Until later…loom on!


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