Works in Progress

Looks like I’m going to have a busy end of summer. I have entered a loomed bookmark exchange which I hope to post progress on it soon. Deadline to mail is Aug. 25, so it doesn’t leave me much time. I am also participating in a Mystery Sock KAL and will be knitting on dpn’s “Leaves of Grass” Anklet by Marilyn Roberts. Again I will try and post progress on the sock…I am going to have to break down and by a EFG sock knitter and start catching that sock bug ;).

I also have almost finished my turtleneck sleevless shell by Knitting Pure & Simple (212). I have modified it a little by making it a mock. I knitted it on needles with Cascade PimaTencel in black…talk about soft cotton….mmmmm. I will try and get a picture of it after it is finished.

Until later….keep on knitting/looming!!


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