I’m Still Here…just busy creating

Wow….has it been a long time since I have posted. The weather was great then and now all we have is snow and rain yuck!!! I am so tired of this white stuff and to think we still have at least two and half more months to get it.

I have been busy needle knitting dishcloths, all for Christmas presents to my mom and grandma. I will try and get pictures up later. I think my favorite right now to make is the ballband dishcloth which is extremely easy and produces a great dishcloth. I hope to try the garterlac pattern….looks complicated. I did even manage to write a pattern for a coyote dishcloth which I will post later when I get it written up. I also joined the Monthly Dishcloth KAL group which is great. Lots of great people and neat patterns also. Andi is great and very talented. And also the Fun Knitting Dishcloths KAL. Judith there is also very talented creating dishcloths for us to try.

On my looms I have a hat for my little one which I hope to finish, but seem to find other things t make such as a backpack which I hope to have a pattern up soon. There there is also an illusion knitted dishcloth for valentines I hope to have ready to go for the Looming Dishcloths Exchange in February. So little time and so many ideas.

If you like to make things and get mail. I started a group in November just for that reason. Loom Knitting Exchange is a small group right now, but I do hope we grow. We have exchanged dishcloth and mini stockings so far and I hope to get an exchange going for kitchen items soon. Other items to make and exchange are hats, scarves, bookmarks, etc. You get the idea.

Until later….Loom on!


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