Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentines Day

Hope your day is filled with no calorie treatsChocolate Valentine! I know mine will be as I’m sure my DH won’t bring me home anything good. If he does it will be a miracle. We just don’t do Valentine’s Day in our house.

Well I thought I’d post pics of my finished projects I’ve made before they get lost or I forget about them. Here are a couple of the things I made for the Kitchen Item Exchange on the Loom Knitting Exchange group. A scrubby for Cyndi V. which I used the pattern from the Canadian Crafter site with tulle around my nylon yarn. And my towel topper which I have made before, but this time I did it with a flat stitch and I can’t say I liked the way it turned out very well. I guess I just need to use more pegs, because it really shrunk up. The towel went to Kathleen R. I just hope she likes it.

Here is another dishcloth I made for February on Monthly Dishcloths KAL. I liked they way it turned out. Very valentiney (if that’s a word lol) I can hardly wait until the 16th when they post the mid month KAL.

A while back I made a sheep (a very fat sheep, mind you) from Loom Class. This is how it turned out. The kids love to toss it anywhere they can which is great since it is so soft.
Well, I’ll post later hopefully with the illusion dishcloth pattern.


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