Bag, tote and turkeys?

It is starting to definitely look like spring around here now. The crocus are up and my tulips and daffodils are starting to peek through the dirt. I can’t wait. Warm weather is just around the corner! I was driving up our driveway this morning after going to an early morning appointment and saw the wild turkeys we hear every morning in our neighbors yard. I ran in to get the camera and got a picture of them. It’s not a great picture albeit, but I at least got a picture and there is about 9-12 of them. They’re HUGE!!

For Loom Class Graciela taught us her Ribbon Bag. I think it took me no more than 2 hours, if that, to create it. It turned out cute, I’m just trying to figure out now what to put in it. I’m sure I’ll find something. Thanks Graciela!

I am also making more stitch markers I’ll post them as I have time. I have been frantically trying to come up with things for our monthly KALs on Loom Knitting Exchange. Monday we started our first one but I can’t reveal yet as to what it is. I will post a pic as soon as I have it finished and the posting of the KAL is over. Speaking of Loom Knitting Exchange, we had a cell phone tote exchange and this is what I came up with for Tamara. It (I hope) will fit a basic Nokia style phone. She will be able to see who is calling by just flipping up the top cover and she doesn’t even have to take off the tote to recharge as it has a opening on the bottom for that. Pretty Cool huh?? Take a look.


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