Glittens, socks and a mini scarf, oh my!!

Welt Fantastic SockHere is a sock I made. I used the Welt Fantastic pattern from Sensational Knitted Socks by Charlene Schurch. I used Felici from KnitPicks in the color Clay. This particular pattern used a forethought heel. I would definitely recommend this book for people that want to learn out how knit socks on DPNs or 2 circular needles.

Glittens_backGlitten_palmI’ve wanted a pair of convertible mittens for over a year now and finally got around to making a pair. I used the Broad Street Mittens pattern from Knitty. The pattern was a little vague in parts, but I managed toGlitten complete one. I made the same mistake as the sock above and didn’t order enough. I again used Felici in the color Aurora. Now I just need to keep the glittens (glove/mitten) hidden so my daughter doesn’t decide to make them her own. I did manage to make her a pair of fingerless mitts to keep her hands warm at soccer practice/games so we’ll see how long I can keep mine.

Over at Decor Accents, Inc. yahoo group they are having an Holidays Scarf Exchange which I decided to sign up for. It should be fun! Here mini scarfletis a mini scarflet I made, to see if I could indeed make one (very simple). I’ll have to make another one for my partner soon! As you can see, I think I need to invest in a dressmaker form as I don’t have a model available except this stuffed tigger. He does seem to be sporting the mini scarflet well.


One response to “Glittens, socks and a mini scarf, oh my!!

  1. Love the pidge and the model too :). The socks are fab!

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