I’ve been published!!!

Here I am tooting my horn again.  My A-Maze-ing Sock pattern has been published in the Loom Knitters A-Maze-ing SocksCircle e-zine!  I started this summer for Isela’s summer contest, but didn’t make the deadline so I thought why not submit them to the magazine. They were accepted!  I was walking around on cloud nine.  Denise, Isela, and Kathy are so great to work with.  Here is the pic of my socks –>
I really love colorwork.   I came across wristwarmers that uses the fair isle and self striping yarn and fell in love with it.  Maybe I will come up with a pattern for looms, shouldn’t be to hard to do.  You know me…too many irons in the fire…all these ideas floating around in this puny little head of mine. 

Also, for those of you looking for dishcloth patterns can check out http://loomydishcloths.wordpress.com  I will be designing more.  Any suggestions for cloths you would like to see, just leave me a comment. 

Happy looming!


2 responses to “I’ve been published!!!

  1. I think your socks are amazing! Great job! I will just have to try my hand at making a pair.


  2. Congratulations on the publications of your sock pattern!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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