Happy New Year! And yea, the kids are back in school!!!

I am so glad that winter break is finally over and the older two kids are back in school.  My daughter and my youngest son, ages 10 and 3, were contantly at each other.  I played referee every day.  Talk about stressful!!  If it wasn’t that it was my daughter saying, “I’m bored! What is there to do?” every hour or so.  I would give her some suggestions, like clean her room or read, but she “didn’t want to do that.”  Well enough of that….

I am posting a picture of the Knit it Down Sweater from Creative Knitting Magazine.  I think in the last post I said I Knit it Downwas making it now you can see how far I’ve gotten.  I will probably end up taking out the bind off edge of the sweater and make it a little longer for my tastes.  I made it out of Lion Brand 100% wool in Cadet Blue.  Just need to finish the right arm cuff and knit the arm for the left and I will be done!! YEA!

I am also knitting a pair of thick socks for my husband, Scott.  I just hope he wears them.  They are knit out of Paton’s Classic Merino in Dark Gray Mix.  I used the Garter Rib stitch pattern for the instep and leg part and they are turning out pretty nice. 

Sock Yarn from Simply SocksI received my package of sock yarn from Simply Socks Yarn Company.  Boy talk about great service.  They were out of a yarn I had ordered, emailed me right away and I ended up choosing something else which was okay and they to boot, I was able to get my package in a day (or so it seemed).  This is from Indiana to Oregon.  Here is the picture of the yarn I bought.  Camoflauge for my husband as he wanted thinner socks and I  am hoping to have enough left over so I can make our 3 year old some so he has some socks just like dad’s.  The other colors are probably for me or my daughter.

 Balloon Happy 2008!  May it bring you lots of great things!


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