Turtles & a Vest

Noah’s VestWell I figured I better post since it’s been almost 2 weeks.  I was looking through my photos on my computer and found a vest I had test knit for Isela back in November.  You’ll have to ask her when the pattern will be available though as I know she was making changes to it.  It is very well written (as usual) and a fairly quick project. The size I made as a 2-4 but my 3 year olds big head (19-20″) just wouldn’t fit through the neck hole.  I used Bernat Softee Chunky on the green knifty knitter round loom.

Shellie turtle and Lil ShellieFor Loom Class, I did Jenny’s Shellie Pattern which is so cute and quick.  My daughter was trying to take my little one, but I won’t let her. hehe.  I made the little one into a pin that I can put on a sweater or my jacket.  I used the 12 peg fg thumb buddy.  I think it turned out pretty cute.  

My Annatrelac Socks ended up in the froggy pond as I just couldn’t keep focused.  Maybe later on when I don’t have as many interruptions (like that’s ever going to happen!)  I ended up casting on a pair of socks for Scott for his birthday in Lorna’s Laces Sock weight in camo.  I think I’ll just do a basic sock as I only have 2 weeks until his birthday to get them finished.  As I am working on his socks I am also working on a pair of house socks for me that Isela has on Ravelry as the January Loom A Long.  I figured since we have had snow on the ground since Thanksgiving, I needed something to keep my feet warm.  I will probably end up making Noah a pair on the flower loom.  He needs a pair of slippers.

It’s the Pits DishclothI have also uploaded another dishcloth pattern to my dishcloth blog.  If you like cherries, this might be one you just have to have (haha)  http://loomydishcloths.wordpress.com/loomy-dishcloth-patterns.  It is for a small or fine gauge loom with a minimum of 37 pegs.  Dianne Carroll was so kind to test knit this design for me as well as others.

I think this is it for today. I need to get busy and do the dreaded dishes and clean the house as well as try and finished my house socks so my feet are warm.  Happy looming!


3 responses to “Turtles & a Vest

  1. Cute Vest! I watched your video on yo , k2tog and SSK it’s short sweet and clear and to the point!!! 5 looms up!! hehehe I linked to it and added some info on my how to’s day post today. I am going to knit up a swatchy and take some pics and post it later.. I sure hope you don’t mind!! I have little time and quiet around here to make video tutorials so I get excited when good ones like this one come out and want to share!!

  2. Thanks Denise! I am honored.

  3. guppylovesshark

    Thanks for doing a nice post about my Shellies : ) I wanted to thank you for doing the yo, k2tog, ssk video. I have been wanting to try that but was a bit intimidated, ha-ha. Your video was very well done and demystified the process for me. I’ve been wanting to do something with eyelets for almost a year now. Thanks again!

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