Our Trip to AZ (and looming/knitting, of course)

Lynn and IWell we finally got back from our 3 week long vacation on Friday.  The trip was quite a success, but exhausting.  We left home on Easter morning about 8 am and made it to Susanville, CA that night.  I was able to meet up with Lynn Markman on Monday before we headed down to Bishop to do a little rockhounding, the next day.  I think we picked up some apache tears.  We then left Bishop and headed to Death Valley National Park.  We stopped along the way to look at an abandoned mining cemetary and an abandoned mine.  

While in Death Valley at one of the lookouts, we actually saw fighter jets flyDeath Valley by.  If you can see a little green dot in the picture, it’s the jet.  We also saw 4 planes refueling a jet.  The kids thought that was pretty cool. That night we stayed in Lake Havasu, AZ. The next day we finally made it to our destination, my mom and dad’s place in Rio Rico.  We managed to take most of the backroads there which was quite an adventure.  Found out that one of the Forest Service roads we took, which had an old ghost town, Ruby, AZ, is where a lot of the drug dealings and illegals take place.  Wish we would have known about that before hand!!! LOL  After 4 days in the car with 3 kids and me riding in the back between two, I was ready to relax!

On the way down, I worked on the lace and cable scarf from Dipsy Doodle.  It is turning out very well I think and I hope the person receiving it likes it as well.

I also tried Bethany’s baby booties, but did it in 100% cotton yarn.  Not a good choice, not give and I ended up breaking the yarn.  :o(  So I put that away.  I did, however, buy some yarn in Prescott, AZ at A Good Yarn that is 50% cotton and 50% acrylic.  I aslo figured I would need to make the bootie bigger as the baby I am making them for is almost 6 months old.  I will post a picture as soon as I get them done.

While in Prescott, I was able to meet up with Lisa Anderson.  It was so great to meet her.  We had a great time hitting the Yarn stores.  I think she has rubbed off on me as far as buying yarn.  It was a hoot!  Her husband, Nate, was the chauffer and he didn’t complain all that much.  He actually does WAY better than my husband would ever do.  I bought yarn for the felted baguette of Isela’s…Noro Kureyon, but found out that I didn’t get enough so I am improvising with some wool I have at home to finish it.  I hope it turns out okay.  I also picked up some cotton yarn and a tank pattern for needles that uses the daisy stitch.  I can’t wait to try it.  It may be next year by the time I get everything I want to do done.   I am hoping to make this an annual event with Lisa as it was so much fun!  Thanks Lisa!!

I will post more pictures of our vacation as soon as I get them off our camera and on to the computer along with pics of the projects I have finished.  I did manage to knit a pair of Ribbed Anklets from May’s issue of Creative Knitting Magazine and finished them this last weekend.  I knit them on two circulars.  I definitely like this way instead of using dpns. 

On another crafty note, if you haven’t already been there, check out Karen’s (cre8tivkj) patterns blog.   She has some wonderful patterns for sale and for free.  I was lucky enough to test knit her Bunnies in Love pattern which was a lot of fun.  She is also having a contest right now to win a MP3 player.  Doesn’t that sound like fun?  Check it out.

Enough chattering right now.  Need to let my son get going on his school work. 


One response to “Our Trip to AZ (and looming/knitting, of course)

  1. Oh Stephanie,
    You looked like you had a lot of fun (except sitting between the fighting kiddos – been there a few times myself). What fun to spend time with Lynn and Lisa! Sure wish I could do that! The pictures you posted sure look beautiful. Welcome back! We all missed you 😀


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