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More projects finished….

I figured I’d better post the projects that I have finished or I would forget.  It’s been cold here for the last three weeks and I’ve done a lot of knitting and looming.  I finished the Rowan Handbag and it turned out pretty good.  It’s a great bag with lots of room.  Speaking of bags I have submitted a purse that I designed to Markman Farm for their Spring Contest.  Please stop by their contest page and vote for my items (yes, I am shamfully asking for votes).  They rotate, so please check back in a couple of days.  I have the midnight sky purse and the simple fingerless gloves, but you can also vote others too.  🙂

With my designing hat on, I designed a new dishcloth pattern and Dianne Carroll tested it for me.  It is called “Hole in One”.  Also on the dishcloth theme, I finished a pretty pattern from Jean Barnett from Coats and Clark called the Butterfly Washcloth.  I can see making several of these and it would be fun to try to convert to a loom.

We are anxiously awaiting baby bunnies.  We had one doe deliver a litter of four and one that is overdue right now by 3 days.  She has me a little worried and then another due on the 19th a day before Breezy and I head to Ellensburg, WA to the Washington State Convention.  We are really looking forward to going as it is a fun weekend and there are thousands of rabbits.    If you are wondering why we have so many does due it’s because she is taking a production doe to our County Fair this year and she wanted to choose the one that was in the best condition.    Well I’ve rambled on enough.  Have a great week everyone!



Project updates and such…

Well I figured I better at least get some projects posted before I totally forget about them.  I finished up the Felted Baguette by Isela Phelps.  It was a fun and easy pattern to follow.  I had to improvise a little as I didn’t buy enough Noro yarn on vacation, so I found some that seemed suitable in my stash.    This is how it turned out.  I use it as my knitting bag which works out great!  I am also working on Isela’s Rowan Handbag.  I love the tapering of this bag.  I have the bag itself done.  I just needs to be sewn up and  the strap to finish, but I have other projects that have taken the priority.  I had a shrug I made for my Voci performance on Monday and Tuesday.  This was needle knit and it turned out okay…the sleeves were a little long.  Oh well.  Speaking of Tuesday, Scott and I celebrated our 13th Wedding Anniversary.  He bought me a dozen long-stemmed red roses.  I guess he really does love me. 

I am also working on a design for a purse for Markman Farms Spring Pattern contest.  I am inviting you all to stop by her website and vote for your favorite pattern.  She should have the poll up this weekend.  I have two patterns up (or will)  one for Simple Fingerless Mitts and the other for my Midnight Sky Purse (picture coming soon).  The fingerless mitts I taught on Lynn’s Beginning Loom Knitting Class this week.  I am either a good teacher (hahaha) or not many are doing the class.  It has been so quiet.  Not many questions.  It has been fun and I hope to teach some more classes again.  I will be teaching an afghan square for Loom Class in June which will entail lace knitting.

For those of you who like to design, I am taking submissions for the 2009 Loom Knit Dishcloth Calendar until August 31st.  Check out the submission guidelines and submit them as soon as possible.

Well I think I have finally ran out of things to say.  I am going to enjoy our very warm, summer like weather ,this weekend and work on my tan, in addition to showing my rabbits.  I am hoping to get another leg on my  polish bunny Zorro.  He managed to pick up one last weekend for Best of Opposite Sex Breed under judge Kevin Rudolph.  Just 2 more to go and I can grand him.  Go Zorro!  Here are the three babies we had 3 1/2 weeks ago, which I will leave you with.  Their father is Marshmellow and Breezy calls them Mini Marshmellows. Aren’t they the cutest?

Bag, tote and turkeys?

It is starting to definitely look like spring around here now. The crocus are up and my tulips and daffodils are starting to peek through the dirt. I can’t wait. Warm weather is just around the corner! I was driving up our driveway this morning after going to an early morning appointment and saw the wild turkeys we hear every morning in our neighbors yard. I ran in to get the camera and got a picture of them. It’s not a great picture albeit, but I at least got a picture and there is about 9-12 of them. They’re HUGE!!

For Loom Class Graciela taught us her Ribbon Bag. I think it took me no more than 2 hours, if that, to create it. It turned out cute, I’m just trying to figure out now what to put in it. I’m sure I’ll find something. Thanks Graciela!

I am also making more stitch markers I’ll post them as I have time. I have been frantically trying to come up with things for our monthly KALs on Loom Knitting Exchange. Monday we started our first one but I can’t reveal yet as to what it is. I will post a pic as soon as I have it finished and the posting of the KAL is over. Speaking of Loom Knitting Exchange, we had a cell phone tote exchange and this is what I came up with for Tamara. It (I hope) will fit a basic Nokia style phone. She will be able to see who is calling by just flipping up the top cover and she doesn’t even have to take off the tote to recharge as it has a opening on the bottom for that. Pretty Cool huh?? Take a look.

I Knit a Noni!

Well it’s finally finished. My “In the Sculptured Garden” Noni bag is finally done! I think I am addicted to her patterns…super simple and easy to make on large needles. Here is what it looked like before felting.

In pieces at left…it called for a vine (i-cord) and three flowers, but I just wanted them on one side so I did only two and 5 leaves, but only did 3. I also didn’t like the way the flowers felted, so I added some crystal A/B beads to added a little sparkle and cover up the holes

Here is what it looks like when it is felted and lined:

I think I will try one of her smaller bags. Thanks Isela for hosting this KAL…it was fun! I hope to enter this into our County Fair next year as I didn’t get it done for this years.

Noni Bag

I am doing “In the Sculptured Garden” Noni Bag (ordered from is a triangle bagguette with pretty camilia flowers on the front and back. I picked the colors of black and delphinium (a periwinkle color) in Cascade 220 yarn. I will post pictures of the progress as soon as I can take a picture of it.

Also I have on my small gauge wonderloom a hat done in fair isle knitting…It is a pattern I found for knitting turkish socks that I checked out from the library. I will also post a picture as soon as I get enough done so you can see the pattern.

Until later…loom on!

"Fabulous" Felted Bag

I have on needles right now a turtleneck shell which will probably be modified to a mock turtleneck. I am about 4 inches into it right now and hope to get it done before our County fair in July so I can enter it along with some loom knitted items.

I have another bag in the works and will get it up as soon as I get it out of my head and down on paper along with it knitted out.

Here is the Fabulous felted bag I created using Caron’s Fabulous and 100% worsted weight wool . If you are interested in the pattern, it can be purchased by clicking the “Buy Now” button below. Price is $3.00

Itty Bitty Bag Pattern

I finally finished my itty bitty bag and have posted the pattern for download if anyone who wants to make one…it is super simple to make.

Download pattern

Download pattern