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Summer projects

Well it has been a long time since I posted anything.¬† I was very busy with our County Fair this year and being a 4-H leader didn’t make it any easier. ūüėĬ† Breezy did quite well.¬† Two of her items for fiber arts won champion ribbons and went to our State Fair and received blue ribbons there.¬† She did a display board on Loom Knitting¬†which earned her a champion ribbon locally.¬†She¬†loom knit a hat with her handspun yarn and received a champion ribbon as well.¬† I’ll try and post pictures of them as soon as I get them taken.

She did another display board on rabbit diseases and used electricity (which they learned how to do in class last year) to let a person know if they had gotten their answer right.  It turned out really well and a picture of it actually made it into our local paper.  Boy was she surprised.  Well enough about my daughter.

I did manage to make a few of the pinwheel dishcloths that Isela has in the Fall 2008 issue of¬†Loom Knitters Circle.¬† They are so much fun to make and my husband actually likes these.¬† I also tried Denise’s Mitered Dishcloth and that was also a lot of fun to make.¬† As I was making ths cloth, I thought it would be fun to make a scarf or a sweater using the mitered squares.¬† Oh the creative juices are flowing again.¬† Sorry about the poor pictures…they were taken from my phone as my camera broke.¬†

Speaking of creative juices, I have been working on¬†designs for the 2009 Loom Knit Calendar bewteen canning salsa and beans.¬† To give you a little hint as to what will be in the calendar, expect to see a little bit of lace, cables and knit and purl combos.¬† I am hoping to have it ready for download the end of this month.¬† I’ll keep you posted.¬† I also have some other designs knit up, just need to write and chart the instructions.¬† Designs include seahorses, hummingbird, owl, desert scene and I forget what else.¬†ūüôā I’ll post when I get them done.

I have also been busy trying to earn points to buy stuff on Amazon.¬† All it does is take a little bit of time and it’s fun.¬† I plan on buying some stuff for Christmas this way.¬† You can even buy yarn this way and not have to spend a cent.¬† Check it out and signup if interested!¬†¬†Points2Shop¬†

Have a great rest of the week and weekend everyone!


More projects finished….

I figured I’d better post the projects that I have finished or I would forget.¬† It’s been cold here for the last three weeks and I’ve done a lot of knitting and looming.¬† I finished the Rowan Handbag¬†and it turned out pretty good.¬† It’s a great bag with lots of room.¬† Speaking of bags I have submitted a purse that I designed to Markman Farm¬†for their Spring Contest.¬† Please stop by their contest page¬†and vote for my items (yes, I am shamfully asking for votes).¬† They rotate, so please check back in a couple of days.¬† I have the midnight sky purse and the simple fingerless gloves, but you can also vote others too.¬† ūüôā

With my designing hat on, I designed a new dishcloth pattern and Dianne Carroll tested it for me.¬† It is called “Hole in One”.¬† Also on the dishcloth theme, I finished a pretty pattern from Jean Barnett from Coats and Clark called the Butterfly Washcloth.¬† I can see making several of these and it would be fun to try to convert to a loom.

We are anxiously¬†awaiting baby bunnies.¬† We had one doe deliver a litter of four and one that is overdue right now by 3 days.¬† She has me a little worried and then another due on the 19th a day before Breezy and I head to Ellensburg, WA to the Washington State Convention.¬† We are really looking forward to going as it is a fun weekend and there are thousands of rabbits.¬†¬†¬† If you are wondering why we have so many does due it’s because she is taking a production doe to our County Fair this year and she wanted to choose the one that was in the best condition.¬†¬†¬† Well I’ve rambled on enough.¬† Have a great week everyone!


Finished projects for March

Well since half the month of March is almost gone, I thought I’d better post something.¬† I have been working on various Prairie¬†Bootsitems, both needle and loom knit.¬† Someone posted on one of the yahoo groups about this cute¬†pattern for Prairie Boots…I couldn’t resist and bought the pattern.¬† I knitted them up first in Bernat Softee Chunky before I made some in the Alpaca Blend yarn I bought to see how it would turn out.¬† It was also my first time knitting in the round using 2 circular needles, a lot easier than using DPNs.¬† I’ve got a design in mind for the loom for making boots similar to these….keep an eye out for them. ūüôā

Cell phone - closedcell phone openMy mom asked me to make her a case for her cell phone so she could find it in her purse.  At the time I did this pattern I was (and still am) into cables and fell in love with the look of this pattern from Coats and Clark.   I think you could easily either convert this to the loom or make up your own design using cables for the loom.  I think the next one I make, for me, will have a button on one side of the strap so I can button it around the strap of my bag (got to get one first LOL), that way it will be more accessible. 

Bunnies in¬†LoveBunnies in¬†love-plainNow that the March Loom -A-Long on Ravelry’s Loomin Dishcloths is well underway and other’s have posted their way cute cloths, I will post the one I test knit for Karen (see last post)¬† It was fund and a great way to get into using intarsia.¬† I even learned how to make center pull bobbins which was a lot easier than using my makeshift bobbins.¬† I also did it in just plain knit and purl stitches in case others wanted to knit if up that way.¬†

Hope to have a few more things done to post before the month is over.   I should have plent of time looming in the car on our way to Arizona.  I will try to post pictures of our trip for those who might be interested.  I am hoping to stop and see Lynn Markman and possible Lisa Anderson.  We will be gone for about 3 weeks.  Should be interesting and fun at the same time.  We leave on Easter Sunday!  I can hardly wait for warm weather!!!

On another note….I now have all my patterns on my website.¬†¬† Check it out!¬† Give suggestions, etc.¬† Talk to you all later!

And the winner is….

The day you have been waiting for to find out who guessed the right amount of dishcloths in the stack….well, I have 2 winners who guessed the correct amount.¬† 19 dishcloths!¬† Keggy will be receiving the printed copy and Kansas will be receiving the downloadable copy.¬† Thank you all for playing it was fun!¬†

On the crafting/looming side, I was lucky enough to test knit a pattern for the March LAL on Ravelry’s Loomin Dishcloths group for Karen G.¬† We are doing colorwork for March and the pattern she has designed is sooo cute!¬† I’ll post a picture of the cloths as soon as I get her okay to (and I get them finished)

Have a great weekend!

Contest Time & projects finished Happy 2nd Blog Anniversary to me. I can hardly believe it has been two years already. With that I have a little something for those of you that read my blog. I am going to run a little contest. What’s the contest you say? 2008 Loom Knit Dishcloth Calendar CoverWell it’s an easy one….just guess how many dishcloths there are in the picture. Prize is the 2008 Loom Knit Dishcloth Calendar. Just email me your guess (smcelheran at gorge dot net) and put blog contest in the subject line and you could be the lucky winner of this great calendar. It is filled with great designs from Lynn Markman, Janice Haley, Karen Gielen and myself.¬† I will take guesses through February 28th and announce the winner on February 29th!¬† Good Luck!!!

Dishcloths for contest


Cabled MittCabled Mitt PairOn the creative end of things, I finished up the Cabled Mitt Pattern from Isela Phelps that we did on Ravelry for February’s Loom-A-Long. What a fun pattern and definitely something to challenge a person especially if they have never done cables before. These mitts will go with the hat I finished from Isela’s booklet Learn to Knit Cables on Looms.

Cion Earflap HatThe hat is the Cion Earflap Hat. It turned out okay for my first attempt at cables on looms. I think my next project from the book will be the shawl. I think I want to try a little lace with some cables and give it away as a prayer shawl.

Well enough babbling….have a great weekend!

Winter & Knitting

Snow &¬†DrivewayHouse and¬†SnowOkay, I am sick of winter.¬† We have had about 5-5 1/2 feet of snow since Thanksgiving and I am so sick of it.¬† Mind you, the 5 feet isn’t all at once.¬† We probably have about 3 1/2 feet right now.¬† All I can tell you is it is past my knees on my 5’2″ frame.¬†¬† Our driveway does make it fun to go sledding with all the nice powder we have had.¬† This snow makes it so dang hard to feed and water our bunnies though.¬† If I had my way, spring would be here.¬†

Shifting Sands clothWith all this snow it has been good for designing, looming and knitting projects.¬† I have designed a couple new dishcloth patterns and have worked on a 5 cable cloth for the February KAL on Janice’s group Looming Dishcloths Plus.¬† It is called¬† Shifting Sands.¬† I was a little hesitant to try cable, but found they were quite simple once I got the hang of it.¬† My have to try more things with cables.¬† I know I’ll probably try the dishcloth pattern from Creative Knitting in the March 2008 issue.¬† It is an all over cable pattern.

The cloth with the heart on it I designed for the February Loom-A-Long on Ravelry. If you are a member and love to Pieces of my Heart Hummingbird Clothmake dishcloths, please join us. The hummingbird cloth will be up on my Loomy Dishcloth Blog just as soon as I write up the pattern for it. 

house socksI also completed Isela’ Plushy Slipper Sock pattern for the Loom A Long on¬†Ravelry¬†(you can find the pattern at her site for $1.25).¬† I didn’t loom it in the plushy yarn that she called for.¬† I just used a worsted weight acrylic/wool blend .¬† The pattern is very easy to understand.¬†

Turtles & a Vest

Noah‚Äôs¬†VestWell I figured I better post since it’s been almost 2 weeks.¬† I was looking through my photos on my computer and found a vest I had test knit for Isela back in November.¬† You‚Äôll have to ask her when the pattern will be available though as I know she was making changes to it.¬† It is very well written (as usual) and a fairly quick project.¬†The size I made as a 2-4 but my 3 year olds big head (19-20‚Ä≥) just wouldn‚Äôt fit through the neck hole.¬† I used Bernat Softee Chunky on the green knifty knitter round loom.

Shellie turtle and Lil¬†ShellieFor Loom Class, I did Jenny’s Shellie Pattern which is so cute and quick.¬† My daughter was trying to take my little one, but I won’t let her. hehe.¬† I made the little one into a pin that I can put on a sweater or my jacket.¬† I used the 12 peg fg thumb buddy.¬† I think it turned out pretty cute.¬†¬†

My Annatrelac Socks ended up in the froggy pond as I just couldn’t keep focused.¬† Maybe later on when I don’t have as many interruptions (like that’s ever going to happen!)¬† I ended up casting on a pair of socks for Scott for his birthday in Lorna’s Laces Sock weight in camo.¬† I think I’ll just do a basic sock as I only have 2 weeks until his birthday to get them finished.¬† As I am working on his socks I am also working on a pair of house socks for me that Isela has on Ravelry as the January Loom A Long.¬† I figured since we have had snow on the ground since Thanksgiving, I needed something to keep my feet warm.¬† I will probably end up making Noah a pair on the flower loom.¬† He needs a pair of slippers.

It’s the Pits DishclothI have also uploaded another dishcloth pattern to my dishcloth blog.  If you like cherries, this might be one you just have to have (haha)  It is for a small or fine gauge loom with a minimum of 37 pegs.  Dianne Carroll was so kind to test knit this design for me as well as others.

I think this is it for today. I need to get busy and do the dreaded dishes and clean the house as well as try and finished my house socks so my feet are warm.  Happy looming!